Instructing a Science Class

Faculty & Staff

All Holy Cross Academy campuses are accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. All teachers are licensed through Ohio Department of Education.

Grade   Teacher Name   Email Address
Principal   Amie Hale Blog Area
Secretary   Norma Payne Blog Area
Kindergarten   Lisa Corcoran Blog Area  
Kindergarten   Michelle Margroff Blog Area
First   Amy Waller Blog Area

Kathryn Samolczyk

Blog Area
Second   Krista Heighway Blog Area
Second   Stephenie Skolosh Blog Area
Third   Barb Puperi

Third   Rebecca Elkins Website
Fourth   Lisa Woods Homework
Fourth   Chris Banko Homework
Fifth   Joni Elson Homework
Fifth   Patti Muffet Homework
6-8 Religion   Lisa Lukach Blog Area
6-7 Language Arts   Barb Marinics Blog Area
7-8 Language Arts   Alicia Verbus Blog Area
6-8 Social Studies   Max McQueen Blog Area
6-8 Science   Natalie Murphy Blog Area
6-8 Math & Algebra   Sue Wellman Blog Area
Library   Kathy Yackshaw Blog Area
Computer Lab   Margie Alvarez Blog Area
Computer Lab   Linda Miller Blog Area
Art   Lee Novotny Blog Area
Music   Pat Culler Blog Area
Physical Education   Amy Streb Blog Area
Latchkey Program   Michele Kennedy Blog Area
Tutor         Blog Area
School Organization   TechCommittee Blog Area
Intervention Specialist   Kelly Jameson Blog Area
Speech & Language   Kali Konterveros Blog Area
Guidance Counselor   Kara Verdi Blog Area
School Nurse   Stacy Remark Blog Area
Spanish   Margie Alvarez Blog Area
Preschool Director   LuAnn Pusateri Blog Area
Preschool 5   Jennifer Donnelly Blog Area
Preschool 4   Alaina Corsi Blog Area
Preschool 3   Julie Hagge