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Policies & Procedures

Clock and Lockers

Dismissal and Drop Off Procedures 

7:50 AM  All Children in Classrooms 
2:35 PM  Dismissal   

Car Rider Pickup Line

1. Please display your family name prominently on your dash or visor.
2. We ask that you do not pull around cars as we buckle children. We don´t want any fender benders!
3. Our neighbors ask that you do not block private driveways.
4. We´re bound to have some bad weather days due to heavy rain, severe cold, or snow. We will use a "Park & Pick-Up" procedure for car rider pick up for those few days when it´s not practical nor safe for students or teachers to be outside. If weather conditions prohibit using our regular car rider line, we will communicate to you our alternative pick up. That is:


We will communicate the alternative pick up in the following manner:
*If time permits, a St. Paul Campus e-mail will be sent to families on our e-mail list. Not on our list? Call the school office or send us your address at
*A staff member will be present in the NW parking lot are to direct you to park and pick up.

Attendance and Tardy Procedures

Parents, please call the school office at (330) 494-0223 ext. 322 to call your child
off from school. We are asking that you call the office before 8:45 am each day when
your child will be absent. If your child is tardy, please have your student stop in the office to get a tardy slip
before going to his or her classroom.

Snow Day Procedure

The decision to close St. Paul Campus will be made independently of any one public school district. The announcement will be made via SPS EMAIL NEWS, WHBC and the local TV stations. North Canton City Schools, Jackson Local Schools, and Lake Local Schools, all feeders into St. Paul Campus, have a delayed start option, in addition to the option of closing. Plain Local and Canton City do NOT have a delayed start option. Please be aware that St. Paul Campus may opt to have a delayed start. A delayed start means that the St. Paul Campus starting time and early arrival times would be delayed by two hours. For example, the tardy bell would ring at 9:50 a.m., with early arrival at 9:00 a.m. Students would not be accommodated earlier than this time. If St. Paul Campus uses a delayed start, those students residing in North Canton, Jackson and Lake systems will have bus transportation to and from St. Paul Campus. Students residing in Plain Local and Canton City, if closed, will NOT have bus transportation and parents would have to provide it for them. If you would be unable to provide transportation for your child, he/she would be considered absent for that day.

Dress Code

Holy Cross believes that an appropriate dress code is important in educating our students. Our students are, therefore, required to wear a school uniform. Uniforms vary by campus. 

St. Paul Campus Dress Code

St. Paul Campus Uniform Catalog

Schoolbelles Uniform Guide

Lands' End Uniform Information

    Fit Guide: English

    Fit Guide: Spanish

Physical Education Uniforms

Students in grades 4-8 are required to wear the Physical Education uniform during P.E. class. While many students choose to wear the P.E. uniform all day, students do have the option to change into and out of the P.E. uniform before and after P.E. class. If choosing this option, they must follow the same procedure before each and every P.E. class throughout the school year. The required pieces for P.E. class are the t-shirt and shorts. Students wearing their uniform all day will also need the P.E. uniform pants after October 1.

If P.E. class is on a Mass day, students need to wear their Mass attire and then change into their P.E. uniform before P.E. class.

P.E. uniforms are available at Design Creationz

Orders will be processed on the first and third Monday of each month to be delivered to school on the second and fourth Monday each month.